By AcreageWay on September 17, 2021

AcreageWay – Ontario-based emerging fintech company makes its portal live for commercial real estate investing.

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, September 17, 2021 - AcreageWay EMD (exempt market dealer) blockchain equity portal is fully operational. You can now access it, create your account and start to invest. As promised, the portal makes commercial real estate accessible to everyone.

 “Real estate for everyone” is a bold statement and not easy to achieve. Still, after working hard on different fronts – regulatory requirements, product development, compliance oversight, disruptive technology, and so on – it seems as the AcreageWay team has delivered on its promises, explained Shaily Srivastava, CEO and Co-founder of AcreageWay. The investing portal is open and ready to accommodate different needs from all types of investors. Whether you have lower experience in the real estate investment world and are still working on knowing how things function, or you’re a very experienced investor looking for a way to diversify your portfolio. The new Blockchain portal is a full stop for both. It gets better as AcreageWay is a regulated exempt market dealer that provides ongoing oversight and support for investors and business issuers of real estate investment.

Some investment experts believe that real estate investment serves as a solid (literally) and reliable investment vehicle, with great opportunities for capital valuation and passive income (rent). On the downside, it requires a large capital outlay, and becoming a landlord comes with its own set of challenges. 

The AcreageWay platform enables an investor to access the benefits of investing in real estate while side-stepping the headaches. You don’t need to buy a house, apply for a mortgage, or put all your savings in one basket. Instead, you can allocate as little as $1000 to a commercial build and earn income from the investment. “This class of investment is now available for everyone, in a way that is suitable for their investor profile and risk appetite,” explained Vinay Singh, Director, AcreageWay Inc.

Adi Koparde, Co-founder of AcreageWay, was jubilant when explaining the inner workings of the AcreageWay platform. Here’s how it works: you create your account, buy real estate units (security tokens) with “fractionalized capabilities.” It means that you don’t need to buy the entire property; you can own a security token and access the potential return on your investment. Within the platform, you can access diverse classes of real estate (e.g. commercial, residential, warehousing) and different opportunities such as renting (passive income) and development (capital gain). 

Aditya stressed the importance and benefits of AcreageWay being an EMD. AcreageWay makes a comprehensive analysis of all real estate issuers and deals, including the details of every investment before offering it to the public. In terms of business issuer security, the portal ensures that the KYC (know-your-client) process conforms to regulations and matches the right investor to the investment opportunity. 

We invite you to create your account on AcreageWay and start investing in real estate right now.      

 About AcreageWay

AcreageWay is a Blockchain-enabled platform that aims to fully democratize the investment market where everyone can now invest affordably into the best commercial real estate investment opportunities in Ontario. AcreageWay Inc. is a licensed Exempt Market Dealer allowed to issue digitally tokenized securities on behalf of issuers.



Shaily Srivastava

CEO and Co-Founder    

Published by AcreageWay September 17, 2021