By AcreageWay on September 13, 2021

AcreageWay – Ontario based emerging fintech company makes its portal live for commercial real estate investing


“Real estate for everyone” is a bold statement and not easy to achieve, but after working hard on different fronts – regulatory requirements, product development, compliance oversight, disruptive technology, and so on – it seems like the AcreageWay team has delivered on its promises. The investing portal is open and ready to accommodate different needs from all types of investors. Whether you have lower experience in the real estate investment world and still working on getting to know how things function, or you’re a very experienced investor looking for a way to diversify your portfolio. The new Blockchain portal is a full stop for both. It gets better as AcreageWay is a regulated exempt market dealer that provides ongoing oversight and support for investors and business issuers of real estate investment.

Coined by entrepreneur and author Robert Kiyosaki, the quote “don't work for money, make it work for you” has become a seed for the investor mindset. While saving money, investors need to find a way to increase their capital and/or earn passive income to make their money work hard for them. Whereas most people understand the concept, limited investment options have made it difficult for people to put it into practice.

GICs are safe options, but are unlikely to yield big returns—to “work hard for you.” The stock market offers more flexibility and better returns, but can be more difficult to navigate for less experienced investors. Real estate, meanwhile, serves as a solid (literally) and reliable investment vehicle, with great opportunities for capital valuation and passive income (rent). On the downside, it requires a large capital outlay, and becoming a landlord comes with its own set of challenges.

The AcreageWay platform enables investors to access the benefits of investing in real estate while side-stepping the headaches. You don’t need to buy a house, apply for a mortgage, or put all your savings in one basket. Instead, you can allocate as little as $1000 to a commercial build and earn income from the investment. This class of investment is now available for everyone, in a way that is suitable for their investor profile and risk appetite.

Here’s how it works: you create your account, buy real estate units (security tokens) with “fractionalized capabilities,” meaning that you don’t need to buy the entire property, you can own a security token and access the potential return that investment is expected to give you. Within the platform, you can access diverse classes of real estate (e.g. commercial, residential, warehousing) and different opportunities such as renting (passive income) and development (capital gain).


And then there are the benefits of investing through an EMD. AcreageWay makes a comprehensive analysis of all real estate issuers and deals, which includes the details of every investment before offering it to the public. In terms of business issuer security, the portal ensures that the KYC (know-your-client) process conforms to regulations and matches the right investor to the investment opportunity. Last but not least, you have the assurance of legitimate and secure funds.

AcreageWay co-founder Adi Koparde has walked the walk before talking the talk. As a long-time investor in real estate, he had in mind to create a solution that would release investor pain. In his words: “I faced several obstacles as a co-founder of a real estate venture in my desire to generate short-term and long-term returns on property investments. Investing in real estate without loans and the need to put all your money in the same basket is something that I would like to have. In order to help others, such as myself, become more profitable and expand, I sought to find an efficient way to do so”.

For co-founder Shaily Srivastava, AcreageWay brings to the market opportunities for projects with good causes like affordable housing, old age homes, and community developments to be funded. She says: “There are few opportunities for real people to invest in worthwhile projects that make sense for their community. AcreageWay is here to help lower the barrier for this type of investment too. It was the vision behind building AcreageWay to give all people access to this power

All told the AcreageWay platform has many capabilities to help an investor to build wealth in a way that makes sense for their specific profile, regardless of portfolio size or expertise. Whether you’re an investment newbie or veteran, you can adapt the vehicle to your needs.

We invite you to create your account on AcreageWay and start investing in real estate right now.            


Published by AcreageWay September 13, 2021